Saturday, May 31, 2003

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1 May '03

Labor Day!

I find it pretty ironic to call it Labor Day and spend it as a holiday!

Oops, I hope the workers out there won't get mad with me for saying this. I just find it weird to call it that way. You are supposed to work coz you call it Labor Day. Maybe they should have renamed it something else. I really find it pretty ironic, honest.

Anyway, it has been exactly half a month since I logged on here. Work, my precious work has kept me from straying to the world of NET and instead read my old books and update myself with the current situation of the economy and the latest trend of the industries.

Everyday, I have to read and monitor the latest news about SARS. I have to browse and scan BusinessWorld, Inquirer, Philippine Star and my-not-so-favorite Manila Bulletin. Actually, I am after the economic impact of this full-blown severe epidemic that has
caused havoc in Asia and the Americas.

The Philippines is not SARS-free anymore. We already have 4 cases since I last heard it. I was alone in a cafe at The Enterprise a few days ago writing some personal stuff and this thought suddenly occured to me. Honestly, I had the jitters. What if? What if we become like that of Singapore and HongKong? Where everything isn't safe anymore? Where people, even your friends, you will suspect that they carry the dreaded virus?

I guess that will make life a little gloomy. Why? Because that might lead to living a life of seclusion. Away from the usual way I live my life everyday. I am not saying that I lead a very exciting life but what I mean is, I try to spend my day as it is. Not just plain work but I try to inject a little fun to it. One thing with me is that I can be happy and enjoying even I am alone. I hope SARS won't come to our shores the way it did to other nations; affecting the waves that characterize our very lives.


For half a month, random thoughts kept on tumbling around in on my head. I don't know but I think my creative juices are flowing. I just hope I can find the time to write again. It is my great love in life but I never had the time to really nurture this passion.

I wish I had rathered pursued Journalism than tried to wait to get in to the college where I will take Physical Therapy. Now, look at me! Where did the waiting bring me? Yes, I have regrets. But back then, I was really trapped in confusion. A kind of bewilderment that led me to make decisions that I will soon look back on with regret.

I've always wanted to write. I still have these old notebooks that once marked the real me. Sometimes I read them and I will laugh unceremoniously because I have witten something funny. Some are quite mushy, too. Honestly, it brought back memories of my private childhood.

I wish I can really find time to write again. If ever I will be ask by a genie what kind of vacation I would prefer, I would choose some place where it is quiet and where my eyes can truly appreciate beauty and life.

A life in the quiet countryside will do. A small hut surrounded by trees located in a middle of a vast field will do. You will rise every morning, look out the window and greet the glorious morning sun. You can hear the sweet chirping of the little mayas that perch themselves in the arms of the friendly trees. You can see far out that a farmer has started his day early. You can hear the splashing of the waves as they play in the deep sea. You can feel this adrenaline rush the moment that you see how splendid the mountain stood nearby.

You will appreciate the work of God in the beauty of the Nature that your eyes can see.

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