Thursday, June 5, 2003

Good Afternoon, blog!

Ain't I supposed to be seriously working now, burying my head over the tons of papers to read and work on, aside from the upcoming Cebu trip two weeks from now?!

I had finished my lunch [I am a vegetarian, just for today =)] and after that, @ 13:30 hours, my superior, me and Pam had a meeting. We discussed our forthcoming project. Darn! I cannot focus my mind on this load right now. Hmm...I am uploading new pictures on my pbase and replying to emails. Later...

Anyway, I think I have to force myself to do so or else, I will not accomplish anything. Papers, reports, monitoring, updating, phone calls, follow-ups...the list goes on...

Better than doin' nothing at all...

Later, blog!

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