Sunday, June 8, 2003

Good mawning, blog!

I woke up a little early than usual, @ exactly 8 am. Oh well, I have lots of things to do before this day ends. I was planning to start doing somethings first but I want to go online to check if I have any important email messages.

I think most of my time will be alloted in doing the laundry. Parang ang sarap maglaba ngayon coz it's sunny. I even asked my mom to put the used bedsheets and the blankets on top of the washing machine before she leaves home. Feeling ko masipag ako ngayon. Probably it is because nobody's home and no one will fuss around. I like it better when I am alone coz I finish earlier and without kunsumisyon...hehehe!

Papa is here but he is nowhere to be found. Mama on the other hand, was doing overtime for work. They have to attend an event wherein they have to promote a facility donated by the Japanese. Hehehe! Ano kaya yun?! *wonders* My 2 siblings naman: my younger sister is attending her CPA review class and left early and my younger brother, I do not know where he is again [probably with her girlfriend {at this hour?}!

I have already swept the whole house, mopped the floor and washed the dishes. Before logging on, I have already prepared what to cook. I decided to have garlic fried rice and pork steak barbecue. Hehehe! Can you believe it? Pork steak barbecue is on the grill while I am here. I rush to the kitchen every 10 seconds to chek on it. =)

After lunch, I will "go on diving" to my laundry. Tough task,ahead. Hehehe! Hope I can finish earlier so I can fix my room, especially my bed. I still have to read some papers from work.

Anyway, I will be right back!

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