Sunday, June 8, 2003

I was reading today's Inquirer's Lifestyle section [Well, I pamper myself in reading this section during weekends since Monday thru Friday, I allot it in reading the heavy section of 3 major broadsheets!] and I guess I had a good laugh imagining what this writer did while participating a triathlon event at Subic Bay Yacht Club. As she mentioned, "I bravely joined the 10th Subic Bay International Triathlon. With sheer guts and sheer ignorance, I entered into a competition with the least amount of training and background."

These are the funny parts of her article:

Here she was shopping for her accessories:

1 - I went through careful screening of my pieces which had the lightest weight with the best visual impact. I separated a set for my swim heat (neon waterproof bracelet, two-toned Speedo swim cap and pink goggles). I prepared my sarong and beach slippers to wear for the few meters run from shore to the transition area. And for the actual 10k run, multi-layered pearls strung in neon nylon and lime green dangling earrings, my funky Swatch watch and a neon pink cap. If the awful weather had only been better, I would have run with my blonde wig.

It did not mention anything but I think she was registering for the competition:

2 - when I entered the room, a lady approached me and asked if I was a sponsor. With a slight look of horror, I said no and proceeded to enter. The same lady then said that non-participants would have to pay for the meal.

Didn't I look like one of the triathletes? Just because I was wearing a feather hairclip, dangling earrings, beaded necklace and floral pants? Just because I didn't possess the lean, firm bodies of just about everyone in the room? But, hey, I was a registered, full-fledged triathlete, even for just this one weekend.

She did not join the biking event since she had no bike and she just chatted with a guy from the Adventure and Reaction Club. Afterwards, she was advised to start the run.

3 - When Mon said it was a good time to start my run, I made sure all my accessories and waterproof makeup were in order. Again greeting the well-wishers, I started my 10k run. Mimicking the rest, I drank a lot of water while running and tried to spit in the air. But after the first round, I had to stop, use the toilet and eat a power bar-but not simultaneously of course! I actually wonder if serious triathletes even stop to relieve themselves during the bike or run.

A good laugh for you! Here she was still in the middle of the race:

4 - As I went through a water station, I saw Ricky Ledesma, our high school prom king, watching the race. Naturally, this was a good time to stop and catch up on old times, as well as catch my breath of course. Ricky said he was shocked to see me in the race. Maybe he was wondering if I was the muse.

Hehehe! Mga Papa na doctors!

5 - As I was completing my last lap, I happened to chance upon the doctors on call and asked if they would give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so I could run faster. Pacing side by side with me was Nicanor Nicado, a 64-year-old former lifeguard and a veteran triathlete. But for now, also my running date. I was so inspired not to stop thanks to him that before I knew it, we had both completed the run.

Just imagine how she fared in the event. Oh, it is alright. It is for fun and I envy her for that! That was a good play, Ms. Prieto-Valdes!

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