Wednesday, June 4, 2003

On F4 and Meteor Garden!

Barbie Xu Xi Yuan (Big S of ASOS) as Shan Cai
Jerry Yan Cheng Xu as Dao Ming Si
Vic Zhou Yu Min as Hua Ze Lei
Ken Zhu Xiao Tian as Xi Men
Vanness Wu Jian Hao as Mei Zuo
Rainie Yang Cheng Lin (from 4 in love) as Xiao You
Winnie Qian Wei Shan as Teng Tang Jing
Ke Huan Ru as Xiao Zi
Wang Yue as Shan Cai's mother

Shan Cai – an ordinary girl with a strong and kind personality. She has no siblings but two parents who are always longing to see their daughter marry a rich man. She has a few best friends, Qing He (O Ding Xing), Xiao You and Li Zhen. She is Dao Ming Si's love interest.

Dao Ming Si – the obnoxious leader of F4. He thinks that money can buy anything until he meets Shan Cai and realizes that he cannot 'buy’ Shan Cai. He used to have a fiery temper and almost killed someone in the past. However, Shan Cai is the only one who can make him control his temper.

Hua Ze Lei – the quiet one in F4. He is the kindest one out of the four and is a very good friend. His first love interest is Jing but they had no good ending. In the middle of the series, he falls for Shan Cai but remains a good friend because he knows that Dao Ming Si really loves Shan Cai.

Xi Men – the womanizer of the four. He has a new girlfriend every single week. However, when a courageous Xiao You confesses her love for him, he sort of changes for a while. But at the end, he is still the 'womanizer'.

Mei Zuo – the joker of the four. He's similar to Xi Men except that there's no female character for him. He is also a very loyal friend.

Xiao You – Shan Cai's best friend. She is bubbly, cute and a loyal friend.

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