Thursday, July 10, 2003

Crepes @ Cafe Breton

A few hours ago, after office hours, I went straight to Glorietta.

First target: an ATM machine. The one I was with has to withdraw.

Second Target:
Cafe Breton @ Greenbelt It was really a funny thing because we went around in circles. Sabi ko naman di ba, mahina ako sa directions?! Hehehe! =)

Finally, we were able to "land" our feet @ the classy Greenbelt area. As usual, the place was teeming with yuppies. Typical day. Most yuppies were lounged at the varied cozy and classy coffee bars.

As we head towards
Cafe Breton, I saw a very familiar face at Starbucks. It was a college pal, Arthur. I do not think he ever saw me. He was with a colleague of his and most probably, waiting for somebody else. I will be texting him later, probably.

It was my first time @
Cafe Breton in Greenbelt. But I have already tried the other one in Podium. Well, the place at Greenbelt is not so diffferent at all. I still like the ambience.

Anyway, we had crepes. *yummy* Hehehe! =) Mine is yummier than what the other had ordered.

Oh well, I can tell this story some other time. I prefer to elaborate some other time.

By the way, thank you! =)


@ the Dumps

I don't wanna miss a thing playing at the background...

Mood: not so happy, with a heavy heart

Somebody called me awhile ago, no, make it a few hours ago. At first, it was a light conversation, simple hi and hullos. But later on, it became a drag.

It hurts me to feel that he doesn't trust me. That I was showing and doing for him and for "us" was never enough. For once, I felt so inadequate.

I wish he would let his past go or not let it affect what we have now. What is important for me is now and the future. I never cared nor asked about what past other people had. What matters to me is the moment that we are sharing and will be sharing.

I also wish he can understand that I want to be with my friends, too. I wish he will let me spend some time with them. Whether they are mostly comprised by the opposite sex, I hope he can accept them as they are. I know my limitations and I wish he can trust me and my decisions.

I loved the attention, the treatment he had been showering me. I admit that that was one of the major reasons he caught my eye. I was never used to being treated like that. I do not let any male treat me like that. I always find myself being able to manage on my own.

But that's not enough. I still want to be "ME." I am a different person, alright. Far different from his past whatever, I am not the type of girl who will cling on to him, depend on him as always. I may have him but I can still stand on my own. Having him in my life does not necessarily mean that I am 2-legs-minus-one. I did not get into a relationship because I cannot be "ME" anymore.

I do consider his feelings, yes. As much as I wanted to, I do not want to hurt him. I never wanted to. But I just wish he will not be so overprotective, so jealous. I wish things will change.

Sum it all up: Everything was goin' too fast and I feel so hurt.


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