Wednesday, July 9, 2003

Current Musings @ Work...Goodbyes...

I was to blog on yesterday but I was too preoccupied. I was to narrate a lot of things but I did not find time to do so. I have seen lotsa things but I cannot even click on the Explorer icon since I have to accomplish some OUTSTANDING, SUPER-PENDING tasks.

Right now, I am supposed to have my head buried in these work piled high up on my desk since I will be on leave this Friday. Yipee! My immediate superior allowed me to go on leave. As usual, questions why. Hehehe! Typical chismozo! Hehehe! It was a light moment shared between us, him joking.

I only have till tomorrow to finish everything. On Friday, I have to take a diagnostic exam on my language class. *blast* I have not studied anything yet. I am damn sure I will not fare well in that evaluation if I do not study tonite and tomorrow. Sheesh!

*hmm* This black forest cake I am taking formy snack is creating an ominous havoc in my stomach. Well, I just can sense it. I hope the foreseen scenario will not happen, not now, not this very day.

While I am blogging right now,
me and Jhoanne and our Gen. Affairs Director are having a slight discussion about a very sensitive topic. Our director ended the conversation with 2 points: 1- "No secrets are forever, they will always come out in the open" and 2- "What you don't know will not hurt you." I contemplated these statements with what-if thingies...*hmm*

Oops, I have to call this girl from Sommerset. Together with some colleagues, we will be dining for lunch at their place this coming Friday. I have to inform them I will not be able to join. Some other time, perhaps.

Last Friday, our office held a "despedida" party for one of our directors. He had already finished his 3-year stint here in Manila. It was a pity that I was absent that day due to an emergency at home. It was a good thing that this Monday, we had a final lunch-out with him @ the cozy Confusion. It was just us, local staff plus our female foreign director.

Since I was not around last Friday, he said he missed me in his party. I can really sense his sadness. I knew that he really does not want to go back home. He verbally said so. He had loved the Philippines, loved the Filipino culture. He had really adopted the Filipino way of life. I can really feel what he was feeling that time. It is really hard to leave something that you have your heart in.

That same night, before I left the office, I said my final goodbyes. Damn! I hate goodbyes talaga! I just said take care and goodbye. Those were the only words I uttered to him when I came by at his desk. I cannot prolong the conversation because I will be crying and make myself look like a fool. I hate seeing people go. They pull a certain tug in my heart, whether they are close to me or not. But he seemed to have a different thing in mind. He started talking how he will missed us; how he will long to see the Philippines again, the office. He thanked me profusely for being so accommodating and helpful during his early days at the office. I just told him that it is possible that we will be seeing each other again. There are chances to see and meet again.

My only wish for this man is to be happy with his life, family and working life at that. He had really worked hard here. He had contributed a lot in making the organization known amongst the local private sector and the media, especially.

He flew back early Tuesday morning. I wonder how he is feeling now? *hmm*


Cozy Paseo Uno

Tuesday night, I had dinner together with our consultants and interpreter at the new Paseo Uno of the Mandarin Hotel. I really recommend this place 90% because of the ambience and the coziness it exudes. Your tastebuds will find the food to their liking. Yummy! I made my own salad, tasted the grilled oyster with butter sauce. I did not eat much since I already felt full seeing lots of food. Paseo Uno serves buffet style.

At a quarter before 9,
Dex picked me up and brought me home. As usual, the trip back home was a hilarious one. We never run out of things to talk about and most often that not, we were laughing at each other's joke. Hehehe! =)


Lost Hello!!

*hmm* I hope dear Tukayo's cellphone be returned soon. I talked to her the other day and she said she lost it somewhere. Sana mabait yung makakuha and return it to her. I texted her number and wished that if ever possible, to return it to the righful owner. Hope so...I still believe that there are still nice people around. =)



ok, I have to get back to work since I have to leave in a while. *hmm* So, they are still in the meeting, huh?! Good!

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