Wednesday, July 16, 2003

From Friday to Wednesday...

I am not feeling well yet. My eyes are still playing tricks with me and I want to curse my nose for nonstop sneezing. I have no plans of letting anyone catch the virus I am "propagating."

Last Friday, I took an off from work. I filed a one-day leave since I have to take a diagnostic exam for my language class. It was scheduled @ 10 in the morning. I was so anxious and disoriented the morning I woke up. Why? Because I went over my language book [10 chapters all in all] for a review. I started at 12 midnight and slept at 3 in the morning. Skipping school for 6 months made me forget all the things I have learned. I was planning not to sleep so I can have a last few hours review. But then, I have been experiencing this throbbing headache since Tuesday. I have no choice but to sleep the rest-of-the-morning away. When I woke up, the sun was already blazing hot in the horizon. I had to hurry.

While everyone in the house was in a hurry and flurry, I was sitting in one corner of the house, with my book in one hand and a pen on the other, trying to work out my mind to focus on what I was doing. I knew I was too agitated to study since I was only able to scan the 2 chapters of the book Thursday midnight. I skipped checking the other chapters and targetted Chapters 10 and Chapter 8 the moment my eyes opened.

Anyway, to cut the story short, I arrived at the school an hour after my scheduled exam. Yes! I was late. To add another rucksack to my already escalating mental and emotional load, the one administering the exam was the principal. I know she is a good teacher but I find her a little snob.

My right hand was wobbling as I went through writing my answers in the reply sheet. It has been a while since I have written those alien characters on paper. During my rushed review, I was practicing my writing on air. Hehehe! :p

After 2 hours, I was able to accomplished my exam. What the matter was, I found it to be a little bit easier that I anticipated. But I was wondering then if what I wrote in the sheets were the correct answers. I hope so...

Mid-afternoon, I met
Dex at Rob's Place and took a late lunch. Afterwards, I requested him to accompany me to visit my dear university. Gosh! I missed everything like hell. I still have a lot of contacts there.

First stop was at the
National Institute of Health. My dear college bud, Jeni works there and handles projects like me, though on a different field. We used to be colleagues in one of the medical unit of the College of Medicine. We ran down on personal and professional stuff. We have a lot of catching up...

Second stop was at dear
Pahinungod! Goodness! I missed this place. It was a haven for me, a get-away when frustration and boredom strike my very being. I always find solace in this office. The people here are nice and friendly and warm. Honestly, Pahinungod build my character as an adult. It made me see and realize the good things in life, the good things in people, the value of everything.

I first saw my dear twin [we are look-alikes when we were in college],
Lala. Well, it seemed like Dex knew the friend of Lala.

Jeanners, Yan-Yan and Angelo were there. Basically, they are the ones "running" this voluntary org. We caught up with the old times and brought back the good times. It wa really a great chance for me to see them again. Actually, we are planning to hook up with one another one of these days. I will make sure I will be arranging that....I'm so excited!

Third stop was at the
Accounting Department. This place was where I had my brief stint as a student assistant. It was really nice to see everybody. I was overwhelmed by the way they welcomed me, with kisses and hugs. I really felt like I really belong there. Even though we rarely communicate, the warmth never fails to emanate from them. I really love these people. They have become a part of my life.

It was so great to have finally seen
Ma'am Pinlac. I always missed seeing her everytime I dropped by at UP. Who can blame her? She is chief of the Accounting Department of my beloved university. It was so good to finally catch her in the office. We had a little but meaningful chat. She made me promise to visit again. Nothing can stop from doing so!

Fourth and last stop was at the blasted
University Registrar. I was planning to get the original copy of my transcript of records which I have previously requested. The snobby, old man at the window said he cannot find it. He said that maybe I have some problems with my clearance and other papers. Man! I have graduated already. That was 3 years ago. I have been working for 3 years ago and I have requested 2 TORs already. Why do you keep on insisting that I have not graduated yet?! You are not supposed to be there if you cannot keep up with the demands of your work. That's not the first time you did that. I always see you doing that and I have the same experience with you a couple of years back. Goodness Gracious!!!

Dex have almost met the very good people in my life, the people I value and they have met him, too.

Saturday and Sunday was spent in a very unusual and relaxing way. I have been so wrapped up with the place and the things I usually do there that I never really get tired of visiting this great hide-away of mine.

Monday - nothing much to tell.

Tuesday, Jary and I finally met to have dinner. We were supposed to see each other Monday night but I have to postpone it that night due to work stuff. We rarely see each other unlike before. We used that time to catch up with the latest news and talk about serious stuff. Hmm...

Wednesday - hmm....

Anyway, I have to continue this later!