Wednesday, July 2, 2003

Just got back in the office from a meeting at the Tariff Commission. Siemai! I have to study more to fully comprehend everything about this tariff system. The thing is: everything are updates and modifications. Hay, juskufungfaynepol!!!

For lunch, I grabbed 2 slices of cold buko pie. *hmm* I hope I will not be having stomachaches later. Geesh! Not to day. By 2 pm, I have to leave again and go to the Manila area -
Bureau of Customs - for another meeting. But then, something came up. There was a postponement of the schedule for this afternoon since the Commissioner and his Deputy had to rush to something important. I am still "negotiating" if probably the Chief of one of the Department can meet me and my superiors. As usual, tariff matters. I hope I can get the deal since this is the most significant agency relating to tariffs.

Oh well, I wonder if I have to come along with them tomorrow. Hoping not...but I think I wanna go. I want to ask about the current GSP status of some Philippine products. Ohmaygolay!


I was browsing some sites as a breather and this one suddenly popped out: You and Your Birthdate

It says something about your birthdate minus the birthyear:

Mine says I am:

Uncommonly attractive
does not care for criticism
likes to play with its fate
can be egoistic
very reliable and trust-worthy
faithful and prudent lover
sometimes brains rule over heart
but takes partnership very serious.

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