Monday, August 25, 2003

What I had for lunch today? I ordered from Dimsun and Dumplings ng fried rice in a box - beef brisket with my mui favorito na siomai, one siopao and a nutty chocolate from dunkin' donuts. Oh yeah, I have a weird combination of food for lunch.

The reason: I had them "devoured" here on my working table. Less messy and uncomplicated. I need not have a dish and the usual stuff. After finishing them, I can shoot the trash right away in the trash bin.

Oh mai, gulay! Now, I am sleepy na. Darn it.

I am still figuring out how will I accomplish this cursive tabular presentation of Minimum Wages for NCR, Region IV and Region VII.

Excuse me but can I say...

...Damn it!

*okay* Now, I can breathe...

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