Monday, September 22, 2003

Angel on Ensembles

Last week saw me roaming around Glorietta and Megamall . I was surprised to see model Angel Aquino gracing the Ensembles fold.

Honestly, that was a very good choice for an endorser. I may not have met her but I can sense a deeper kind of humanity in her. Does it make me sound like a psychic or something? *hmm*

The new endorser exudes a certain air of smartness, confidence and the independence marked of a successful woman.

Aside from
Kamiseta, Paper Dolls, Freeway, Saga, Kashieca , I prefer to spend my hard-earned bucks in Ensembles. One thing about this boutique is that it caters to the fashion needs of today’s young lady professionals. I find their collection classy and stylish yet simple for my taste.

3/4 sleeve coordinated stripe blouse with tab cuff

Cap sleeved striped cotton shirtdress

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