Saturday, September 27, 2003

BASICally, don’t watch...

I did not know that Basic is being shown in local theaters. I thought it was an old movie from long time ago. I was too surprised when I saw posters and advertisements promoting the movie. Thanks to Dex! I was able to watch the movie in advance {even before it was being locally promoted here} for free and in the comfort of my own home. He had the movie installed in my personal computer.

Being part if the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency), Agent Hardy [played by
John Travolta] is brought in by an old friend to investigate the disappearances of several Army Ranger cadets and their legendary drill instructor, West [played by Samuel Jackson], during an exercise at a basic training camp in Fort Clayton, Panama.

Anyway, the movie sucks! Hehehe! It was such a loose, confusing thread for a narrative story. Though it got me thinking for a while, the movie did not sustain my analytical interest.

The actors portraying the roles assigned to them seemed flawed, too.
Giovanni Ribisi who was the patient lying in bed, delivered his lines unintelligibly. It was like he was eating the words.

John Travolta portrayed the role of Tim Hardy, an expert military interrogator who had been seeked out to investigate the mysterious disappearance and possible murder of the hated drill instructor which was played by good, old Samuel Jackson. This movie will surely put Travolta’s declining career down the drain (again). Trying still to revive his fast-falling career, the movie will not certainly help in the purpose.

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