Friday, September 19, 2003

F4 brouhaha...

Shameful it might be but I will admit I am one of the fanatics of the F4. I even wanted to watch their show but due to a prior schedule, I decided not to.

I have heard so much about the Event. "Disaster" as they call it.

Due to a swarming number of people who want to see the Event, it was calculated to have the venue lax of security.

To the detriment of those who bought the tickets in a much earlier date found themselves lining up in just one entrance.

What would be more irritating was how the money that was spent by a curious peep or a fanatic went down the drain. Those peepz who only paid the prize of P500 peso bucks were able to get a closer look on the F2. They were able to cross divisions and what was worse was, those who paid for a whopping P10,000 bucks was snapped into a reality of terror as they ended without seats because others got there before them.

After reality had sunk into that confused head of yours, you only get to hear 6 songs! More front-acts than the much-awaited show from the F2.

F2 causing a stampede? I heard a number were injured. Goodness!

It was such a shame how the organizers "ORGANIZED" the Event? Maybe, they should go back to where they were before when they were just learning how to organize events!

What a shame!

I call it pathetic.


As I kept "vigil" over the imminent arrival of the F4, or more aptly called F2 at this time, some news have gone overboard. Sometimes, it is kinda pathetic to exist in the media world.

Other communication networks were banned from covering the arrival of the stars of "Meteor Garden", the popular chinovela. So the battle for supremacy and who is the best network still rages on. Still trying to outdo each other, hah! As I have learned about the intricacies of competition through economics, advantages and disadvantages abound. As networks clash with each other in a cutthroat competition, I only observed how it become too unhealthy for both parties - the networks themselves and the viewers. I beg not to discuss them so figure it out.

Such a mere ploy to earn more profits than to give the viewers a better perception of almost about everything.

Two of the F4 pop quartet, Vanness Wu portraying the role of Mei Zhuo and Ken Zhu who is Xi Men, plus Barbie Xu as San Cai, arrived in Manila's international airport on board 2 China Airlines flight from Taiwan on the same fateful day of the 9/11.

NAIA security was so tight that a separate exit was given to the F4 stars and can only be accessed by ABS-CBN's media personnels.

What was more unbelievable was these stars were given a welcome arrival that's only befitting for diplomats and dignitaries! I even read that Hollywood stars Lou Diamond Phillips and Tia Carrere who recently flew to Manila to grace the CineManila Film Fest did not get get to use the presidential lounge in NAIA.

I have admittedly declared I am an F4 fanatic but not that go over the bounds of irrationality. Come on, let us be practical here.

I got the thinking that the reason for this very VIP treatment was because the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office or the TECO requested NAIA to provide the necessary security measures for the much-crazed about Taiwanese icons.

Okay! Call me a hypocrite, bitch or whatever. I like F4 yes, I do not even deny that [even though my friends call me "jologs"].

Is this kind of craze a form of colonial mentality? Since time immemorial, we have glorified imported products or any things that come from overseas as something more worthy of our own. It is such a pity that this kind of thinking still exist in our burned sentimentality.

Or on the other hand, zealousness over these ironed-straight haired pop stars may not be so bad at all. At least, they are Asians, not that archetypal beings from the Western world. What do you think?

Okay, so I sometimes sing the F4 songs in the native Mandarin words being played on air. I can almost memorize them. True, I cannot fully understand them [I can understand a few lines of it] and yes, it is so funny to sing songs with lyrics you cannot even comprehend. But I would rather sing them as they are than have them translated to Tagalog or English. I find them so "baduy."

The media can also be blamed for the humongous popularity that it had generated for the Taiwanese stars. Capitalizing on their bankability to create more money, huh!

It only emphasizes the gargantuan power local TV can obtain from the viewers. It entirely works on the subliminal nerve of the mind.

It is such a pitiable state to realize that while we capitalize on the bankability of these imports (which our very own local media had created), why cannot we do the same to our very own, with much potential and better talent, local wanna-be stars?

I hope we will be able to get past this kind of merciful predicament.

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