Friday, September 19, 2003

Mental Overload...

So what if I stop analyzing stuff and in turn, do blogging? Oh well, I decided to have a break for a while for I cannot comprehend anymore what I was reading. It is not so advisable to persist on something that will not be working anyway.


Boss ko nagpapatawa lagi.

A while ago, he summoned me and asked if I am good in Math. I told him humbly that I am not or at my best, passable. He showed me varied forms of equations and my answers. Good enough, I got it all right. I thought it was already over but...

While he was "cackling" about arithmetic, I was mulling over the possibility that he might require me to conduct quantitative analysis. Oh my! The thought rattled me.

As it turned out, he will be utilizing such "show of prowess" to us during our next luncheon meeting. What a relief! Whew! I can picture myself giving him a friendly punch in the head. Hehehe!

You see, once a month our office conducts a meeting held during lunchtime. This is a venue where we can communicate freely, air out any grievances or problems, give suggestions and solutions. Basically, it is a free talk venue for all.


I "cleaned" my "MY DOCUMENTS" folder in my computer. If I am going to compare it with the way my table looked, the contents of my folder give justice to the word CLUTTERED. So, I opened, deleted, moved documents from here and there.

Documents and reports from my old task as a project officer is now stuffed in a folder named OLD PROJECT STUFF. It was just less than 6 months since I assumed my post as part of the Research group that I already have tons of folders to manage. *hmm*

I may be in Research but I can still find my way through my things.

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