Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Another F2 of the F4...

Heard that another F2 will be coming to town next month. After the riotous F2 concert of Vaness Wu & Ken Zhu, another 2 of the heartthrob Taiwanese group are set to perform at The Fort come November 29.

Jerry Yan & Vic Zhuo will be performing together with Barbie Xu & sister Dee Xu. Local stars like Ai Ai de las Alas, John Prats, Heart Evangelista, The Hunks, John Lloyd Cruz, Bea Alonzo, Vina Morales, Kristine Hermosa, Claudine Barretto.

Sabi, they will be utilizing the services of an interpreter since both of them cannot converse well enough in English. *hmm* I wonder if buying their tickets will be worthwhile. How can you deliver effectively when you cannot personally do it yourself?

Siguro, I would be one of the thousands of teen-crazed fanatics to line up and buy tickets if the performers will be my 2 F4 favorites,
Vic Zhuo & Ken Zhu. Ewan ko ba kung bakit dami kinikilig dyan kay Dao Ming Shi. Hindi naman cya muy guapito tulad ni Vic & Ken. Si Vaness naman mukhang naipit ng pison ang mukha. The “flat-ironed” hair does not improve his looks so better have it done wavy. Yuck talaga silang dalawa.

Another thing, if you see the new
Bench commercial, Jerry Yan is the new image model. Kadiri talaga!

He will be coming earlier to Manila for a press conference for that. Tapos balik cya with Vic on the 28th for the concert.

For the commercial, he got a whopping $250,000 or if converted to the local currency, mga 14-Million pesoses yun.

Juskufung faynapol!

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