Monday, November 10, 2003

On JetLi

I am not really the type who knows about everything and who remembers anything about someone or something but definitely, I am crazy about JetLi.

Evil Cult

I watched this old movie of his, entitled
"Evil Cult" which was actually shown year 1993. If I am not mistaken, it carried alternate titles such as The Kung Fu Cult Master, The Lord of Wu Tang.

The Kung Fu Cult Master

The Lord of Wu Tang

It was set during the Yuan Dynasty following the adventures of two rival martial arts factions who were vying for the possession of two golden swords containing the secret to dominance of the world of martial arts. A student of the Wu Tang befriended Gold Lion and married the daughter of White Eagle but was killed for the secret of the location of the missing sword. His young son witnessed this and vowed revenge on the heads of the rival faction. Unfortunately, he had a curse that prevented him from learning martial arts.

...With his parents having been forced to commit suicide, Chang Mo-kei grew up suffering the effects of the "Jinx Palm" which did not allow him to learn kung fu. Although favored by Wu Tang's leader, Chang was cast out by a rival. He was cured by a crazy monk who was tricked into teaching Chang the "Great Solar Stance," a powerful martial arts technique with magical properties. Chang then seeks revenge on the various clan leaders responsible for his parents' deaths while trying to keep the clans from destroying each other.

Honestly, I really miss this type of movies...

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