Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Am I bothered?

I am so busy right now and I am trying to wrap things up, tidy my work station and accomplish all my pending task before I start new ones. But deep down inside, something is understandably bothering me. Whatever it is, I am absolutely sure I really do not know the answer to that.

I had this unusual dream last night. For me, it was perfectly real. I never even wondered why that scene was happening. I should have asked otherwise for it was something not of the usual.

The dream was a blur but the subject of my dream was perfectly there. I even gave out a smile when the thought struck me again.

I always believe that dreams are the expressions of our subconsious, a vision of the future or even your desire. I do not want to think it in terms of the second reference. Maybe all I need to do is to reconnect, create a wire that will lead me to where it wants me to be.

I know I am such a wretched excuse in whatever form of human relationships.

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