Sunday, December 21, 2003

Movies - Big Screen, Computer Screen...

I have watched a lot of movies lately, either via the big screen or through my personal computer's monitor. Some of the movies were either new, just recently shown or just plain old.

Wrong Turn - full of wanton violence, splashed blood and slashed flesh; true horror and I screamed.

The Ring and the other Ring series - Pretty scary - the image of the woman crawling out of the boobtube, trying to reach out her hand; Hay, grabe! I was taking dinner while watching it. Hehehe! Halos hindi ko mailapit ang kutsara sa bibig ko. The spoon was kept hanging at nakakangalay.

Ang Tanging Ina - I have watched this movie many times but I still kept on rolling down the floor because of Ai-Ai. Funny, adorable woman!

The Haunted Mansion - That no matter how much money you earn, family must always be a priority...

Heart and Souls - Starring Robert Downey, Jr., the movie can be described as its title suggests.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World - uhmm...mejo bagal story and unexpected, disappointing portrayal by the lead actor.

Ju-on: The Grudge - Almost like the movie series of The Ring, It seems like Japanese horror movies thread in the same line. The one giving the watchers the chill are women clad in white sporting long, straight hair; same thing, too with the passing of the curse to another person in order to be spared from death; also, the same movement of the scary woman - bones crackling, etc.

Finding Nemo - I had already watched this movie before but I did watch it again. My 3rd time, actually. Pretty funny and touching, too.

Star Treks and Andromeda series - Seems like I am enjoying watching them. I thought I would never really come to the point of having any slight inclination to sci-fi movies. I was proven wrong.

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