Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Finally, nahuli na rin si Saddam Hussein. He was caught last Saturday hiding in a farmhouse cellar in Ad Dawr, ten miles (16km) from his hometown in Tikrit. News reports said that the former dictator gave up without a struggle; a single shot was not even fired.

Mejo naasar lang ako sa linya at tono ni
Paul Bremer. He is US' top administrator in Iraq. "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him." Ano yan, nanalo ka sa lotto?! Taglay niya ang yabang sa katawan ng isang Amerikano. Hindi naman ako galit sa mga puti. Stereotyping kaya yun. Kunsabagay, dapat nga lang naman na magyabang siya, kasi may ipagyayabang na siya...finally.

The former Iraqi dictator was subjected to DNA tests to prove it was really him. The announcement of his capture was delayed last Sunday to ensure that he was one & the same since he was confirmed to have a lot of doubles while he was still in power.

Siempre, nagdidiwang ang mga Iraqi sa pagkahuli sa former dictator. They were expecting that he will face trial for the countless crimes he had committed. Hundreds of thousands of mass graves are scattered all over Iraq. As far as I can remember, he had even used chemical weapons against his own countrymen. Maybe the question what had happened to Iraq's weapons of mass destruction will finally be brought to light.

Pinakamasaya yata si
US Prez George Bush. Siya kaya ang nag-declare ng war against Hussein. This victory will undoubtedly lift his political image, especially with the upcoming presidential elections. Maybe he was also expecting that his rival, Howard Dean will be rattled by such acquired glory.