Thursday, January 8, 2004

Just Nothing...

I was off from work yesterday. Not feeling so well. I am planning to have a medical check-up this Saturday morning. Great!


I heard popstar
Britney Spears got married a few days back. Entertainment section of broadsheets revealed that he and his so-called better-half are now seeking annulment.

I may appear too judgemental but I just cannot help being one. Engaging in marriage in a such a haste is foolish. Too immature to indulge in yourself like that. Forgive me for saying this but "Foolish girl!"


I was checking my email when I came across
L-Ey's. So, that was why you were so busy ha. *hmm* Cute girl that she is. Hope we can all meet her or is it just me who have not met her?! *tampo* *sniff*


I (including a lot of people) do not want to judge her but sometimes she acts contrary to what she is saying. when her son died last November, she vowed to her dead son that she would stay out of politics. I was surprised when I saw and heard her again focusing the limelight to herself. Such vow, such the dead, huh?!
Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago never ceases to amaze me. She filed her CoC during the last day of filing, keeping people's mind from guessing what position she will be running for. Her press release about her vow: I am returning to politics contrary to my own personal desires. I believe it's a constructive way of dealing with my grief." Ehem!


Oh well, I was surprised to see a friend of mine included in the Inquirer's Lifestyle section featuring about Technology Forecasts for 2004. I have not known him that much but all I know is he is a well-versed programmer. Way to go, Migs Paraz!


Ted Failon, who is a broadcaster turned politician will not be seeking re-election as a representative of the first district of Leyte. Well, that was a good thing. Actually, I was disappointed before when I learned that he would for Congress and that I would see les of him in tv as a broadcaster. He was doing such a good job on tv.

Anyway, at least he is now back to his old job, promising more zeal and vigor.


*okay* While doing my work, once in a while my corporate and personal email accounts are open. Both deleting and replying to urgent & personal stuff. Trying to clean up spammers!

I got an email from my
Aunt Myrna [who has been residing in Cali for more than decades now] that my dear, beloved Grandmother Jane is hospitalized in Glendale Adventist Medical Center due to pneumonia. I hope she gets well soon.


I just finished my lunch of sisig, ginisang sayote and a cup of buco juice. As usual, I was not able to finish such a large serving. As much as I would want to devour them all, I just cannot. No more space.

Now, I am feeling sleepy....*yawn*

This time, I really have to get back to work.

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