Saturday, January 10, 2004

Logging Off...

I did for a while. After my dad was finished with what he was doing, I took over the house. Armed with a broom and dustpan and dustbin, I swept all the dust, cement, gravel. After which, I mopped the floor. I cannot last a night again with my feet feeling powdery and smooth-slippery. So, I did mop the floor and it is now perfect for sliding. Afterwards, I cleaned the bathroom, took a bath and washed the dishes. To lighten the atmosphere [more like lifting my mood], I lit some incense sticks for the living room and my room. Stupidity knocked in and I had my finger burnt from the matchstick I used in lighting the incense sticks.

In the midst of it all, I got a call from my honey. We were having fun chatting when unexpectedly, it turned not to be fun at all. I know it is my fault but sometimes one just cannot make me agree all the time. I can still keep things for myself. I want to. Hon, I know I had promised that and I am sorry for breaking that promise. I hope you do understand. I will fulfill that promise in time. I know just being with me, you have been trying so hard to understand me. I know you are always in the losing end in this relationship. Sorry, honest.

I know you get upset whenever I drive you away. It has been a nature of mine. A very bad one. I can do away with this attitude in the future. Just give me time.

From my Honey: If you only know how much I love you. Sometimes, I think I love you too much it stings.

I am really sorry and try to make it up with you. Promise.

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