Saturday, January 10, 2004

New Year’s Resolutions for 2004…

This maybe a little too late for posting this but what the heck!

So what will be my New Year’s resolutions for year 2004? Let me think first. As far as I can remember, I was never straight nor serious about formulating resolutions for the New Year. For me, what will be, will be.

For the record, I had some resolutions in mind. I mentally drafted them with the vow of fulfilling them.

As I went over my mental list, it seemed that year 2004 would not be enough to have them all materialized. But just the same, I would like to include them. I will just be making sure that I will be able to attain a humble, perfect 50%.

1 Learn How to SAVE
Last year, I had realized how worse I had become when it comes to handling money. I overestimated my ability to wisely handling my expenses. I overindulged myself with too much shopping for bags, clothes and books. I will try to hinder myself from indulging too much in travels. I have this tendency of “giving all out” when I travel. I will not use my credit card for 3 months. Hehehe! Gimmicks with pals will be lessened, maybe once every 2 months [kayanin ko kaya?]

2 Try Not to Grow My Fingernails Again

Weird resolution? Hehehe! As I had tried harder for the past 6 months, I would not even think about growing my fingernails again. Longer and polished nails are not for me, as experience had showed me. I am better off with short, clean nails.

3 Will Stop Trying to Please Anybody at Home

Sabi nga nila: “Please everybody and you will end up pleasing nobody at all.” I thought that making too much effort to make your family and home better would make them happy and appreciate you for what you did. Well, it only caused me heartaches, injured my self-worth and ruined my conviction to help them. This may be a bad thing but I will try not to overdo this.

4 Acquiring patience

Patience is never a part of my vocabulary of virtues but I will try to acquire a little ounce of it. I will try not to get irritated nor “wicked” if my thin thread of understanding is being tested to its limit. I will try to “wear” their shoes on and hear them out first.

5 Spend More Time with My Dog

At home, Sakura never fails to put a smile on my lips even during my wicked moods. Sorting my troubled, confused thoughts, Sakura provides me the kind of comfort and peace at home.

Maybe this
5 resolutions will be enough. Quite a combination of real and strange resolutions but they all make perfect sense to me.

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