Friday, January 30, 2004


TGIF na! I am still overloaded with work and tons of deadlines for the day but I am overwhelmingly happy. I accomplished each task with ease despite some unwanted hassles. So, my patience was put to a test. I did pass. I can even give those people (who made my life easier today) a big peck on the cheek!

I wish everyday would be like this. This is the kind of movement I always wanted in every job I take. I would be perfectly happy when it comes to work.

Yipee! I am going somewhere! No, I will be sent off somewhere. Yahoo! I wanna jump, I wanna dance like ooohh-la-la! Hehehe!

A while ago, I was so down but I decided that I just have to consider things and revise some minute things in my life (if they are really that small).

Oooohhh-la-la-la! I wanna do the boogie! [Supposed to be cha-cha but I prefer boogie more].

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