Thursday, February 26, 2004

Getting Married...

Sometimes, it really takes an effort on someone's part to revive this connection with old pals. Well, I undertook this not-so-heavy task. I emailed a number of college pals and guess what? Some of them replied.

I do send them forwarded emails but they appreciate it more if a simple 'hi' is thrown back at them. That's what
Yoyen told me.

Anyway, I got some tidbit news from my old college buddies.
Yoyen & Jason are now in Australia pursuing further studies. Jason is taking up risk management.

As far as I know,
Kattleya is studying again, taking up Nursing and actually, she was the one who told us all that dear Archie is tying the knot come November. Hehehe! Heard he is targetting the prestigious San Agustin Church. =)

Well, I was so surprised that
Carmeli replied to my email. I never expected that she would. Anyway, she is doing good in a Property Management firm and I am happy for her.

The thought that everybody wants to leave RP and hit abroad is being given such a hard consideration nowadays. Is it because of the looming results of the 2004 elections? *hmm*

I wish all of us will have a spare time even just for a cup of coffee. We got lots of catching up.

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