Tuesday, February 10, 2004


I thought this blog of mine was truly gone. I thought I would never be able to "revive" it. Thanks for my common sense, I was able to figure out something. All I need to do is add the "spices" that changed its appearance.

Thank you GOD! =)

(^-^) (^_^) (^_^)

New Blog...

I am deeply saddened by what had happened to my blog. It had been my solace during the times that I was so depressed, frustrated with my life. It had provided me a place where I can be me, where I dare not mind what other people think, what other might say. I had spent so much time revealing my deepest thoughts there. And in one kaboom, it was all gone.

I just wish this new one will be much better and will still be my comfort zone. Till then...

....... this was what I have written in my new blog when I thought I had lost the old one. I had this posted last Feb 8 while I was in
Cebu. # posted by Ivan : 4:36 PM

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