Saturday, March 6, 2004


Right now, I am conditioning myself to get into the latest sports craze in town. I am talking about this once-a-backyard-game called badminton. I still do not know when to start this but right now I am checking out what right gear for my skill level and scouting for a nearby venue to learn the sport.

So far, I have indulged in checking the equipment first. I am torn between investing on a
Carlton and a Yonex racquet. But Yonex appeals more to me but I still have to check which is much better.

Enthusiasts of the sport gave advice in buying a racquet. A wannabe must consider the weight, composition, shape, grip, flex, length, string & tension of the racquet he/she is going to buy.

• RSL & Carlton brands have the claim of having the lightest racquets at 83-85 grams.
• A full graphite racquet is the best (and really requires investment).
• High modulus graphite racquets are stiffer & has better resiliency giving better power unlike ordinary graphite racquets.
• Square iso-metric shaped racquets usually have bigger sweet spots (part of the string bed with most power).
• Choose grip size that does not limit wrist movement.
• Get long racquets at 670mm for more pops in your smashes but it takes a lot of getting used to.
• The thinner the string, the more power in your smash.
• The harder you hit, the higher you should string your racquet; 17-22lb is ideal for beginners.

I think I am going to get that Yonex racquet, after all. I wonder where its price would hit? All I know is that it is somewhere in between PhP800-PhP14,000. *hmm*

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