Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Today, Yesterday and The Other Day...

Today - It is my youngest brother's birthday. I am planning to go home early and buy some take-out food so the family can somehow celebrate his special day. I just wish that he will still be home tonight. He is bound to leave for Baguio with his friends. I learned about it a few days back. I even gave him a couple of thousand bucks so he would be able to enjoy himself there; without worrying about money.

Also, I want to greet dear pal,
Joel, who I wonder where the hell he is now. He celebrates his birthday the same as my brother, Jeff. Ei, if you are just around the corner, you know where to contact me. You owe me a great deal. Lolz.

Yesterday - Surprise! Surprise! From Canada.

I got a very surprising over-the-coast phone call from close bud,
Jon. It was funny because I mistook his voice for another close bud, that of LA. But it was dear Jon, alright. It was nice of you to call though I knew why you called. Was that guilt? Hehehe. Still, *tampo* pa rin ako.

The Other Day - I went shopping galore at Rob Place Manila that afternoon. It was sale! When I arrived there and found out that there were so many people, I got so excited. I do not know why I felt that way. All I knew was that it was only a few times that I really indulged myself in a shopping splurge during mall sales. I bought a couple of blouses and it hit me a "couple" of thousands.

My boyfriend accompanied me that time and it was only him who noticed that most of the items that I bought were not really on sale. Talk about discouraging and frustrating me. For your info, my dear, I was not in the least disappointed with my shopping items.

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