Saturday, April 10, 2004

Burning Calories...

For a while, I got concerned about my food intake. Before, I used to eat anything I like. I am not such a freak when it comes to gaining or losing weight. Well, I am not actually worried about my weight. It is the unwanted cellulite that is beginning to show in my tummy.

When I was taking my physical fitness class in college, my professor told me that I had a faster metabolism so I end up with a lean body mass despite eating too much. It was good to hear. I learned then that “hyper-active” people tend to burn more calories thus, the faster metabolism rate.

When my tummy cellulites began to worry me, I unconsciously skip breakfast and now lunch. I just eat a lot during dinner. Reading from a fitness article, I learned that skipping basic meals for the day will do you more harm than good. It proved that my counterplan was faulty. The body conserves energy by lowering its metabolism rate when it has not taken any food for quite some time. Prolonging such unhealthy action makes it more problematic since it will eventually make your body crave for more.

I also read that regular skipping of meals would into muscle loss. I wonder how the body “cannibalizes” on muscle fibers for additional energy. But I just compared it with how stomach ulcers came about. Gastric juices, if left alone in the stomach without any food to grind and soften will turn to your stomach linings to burn them. It is not so much an explanation but that is how I understand it. Back to “cannibalizing,’ it said that the less muscle you have, the lower your metabolism will be.

Still the advice that I used to adopt when I was reviewing for major college exams: “Sitting up is better than lying down, standing is better than sitting up and walking is better than standing.”

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