Tuesday, May 11, 2004


With the past 3 days in vacation, I was supposed to blog all day. Unfortunately, my pc chose to go on "tantrums" like me. Ewan ko ba kung bakit. Wala naman siya boyfriend. (Ano daw?!)

Ah, basta. Naiinis ako sa pc ko kasi kaka-browse ko pa lang ng site, nag-o-automatic shutdown siya. Lalo pa nakakainis yung nagka-countdown pa siya. As if naman, nase-save ko pa kung ano ang tinayp ko no. Chaka talaga.

So what had happened the past few days and weeks? Last nite, nag-mega tantrum ako. Oh Lord, thank you for hearing my prayers. I had said a lot of mean, unforgivable things to him and yet he chose to visit me at home late at night. To think that we live end-to-end of the metro. Despite the flood and the rain, he came.

I really felt foolish. Why do I always act and think like that? Sometimes, I am beginning to question my sanity. (Though I already knew I am born insane...). Sometimes, too, I wonder why he has that kind of perseverance and patience when it comes to me. Oh boy! I will really try harder this time to make life with you a little more bearable. I know I am such a hard person to live with...

Regarding the elections naman, I was never able to vote because I was not able to register. I was out of town that time (as far as I can remember ha). Mom and Pop went to the polling precincts (actually sa elementary school yon) at 11 am. Pop went home after an hour. I was never able to ask him why he was so early and why Mamu wasn't with her. Well, after 4 hours, Mamu arrived. Oh my, her high blood pressure shot up again. She was complaining how hot it was, how long the line was, how smelly and dizzying it was...only to find that her name was not in the electoral list. Kaboom! She also checked everyone's name in the house who were eligible to vote if they were in the list. My brother and my sister's names weren't. I even joked Mamu that she should have checked my name. For all we know, my name might have probably made it in the list...hahaha!

The weather yesterday was quite unpredictable during the day to being predictable later in the afternoon. From morning till 2pm, the sun was playing hide and seek with me. It was shining hot and bright and the next, dark clouds were starting to line up to serenade me. Soon enough, the clouds could not contain their passion and showered the thirsty, living earth with its juices. It was such a gloomy late afternoon for me. I was thinking if the heavens had played with my soulful emotions that I launched into one-of-those-you-don't-love-me-anymore-tirades again. Hahay.

What about Saturday and Sunday? The common thing that I did during these days and please include Monday was that I had an enjoyable, sporty mornings. Donning my comfy jogging pants and my reliable running shoes, I had the time of life jogging to and from the US Embassy and around the expansive CCP area. Cool! It was one of those times that I enjoy breathing the life out of me and welcoming a new, refreshed feeling. I had a lot of things in my mind and I just enjoyed getting relaxed with all the things happening around me. Anyway, after communing with a number of the elements of Mother Nature, I went home.

I was holed up in the house last Saturday. Dex was somewhere in
UA&P attending this BMC (basic mountaineering course) orientation so I had the entire day to myself. To make my day a little more productive, I struggled doing the household chores and after that watched movies installed in my pc while taking my never-ending sumptuous lunch. I got so bored that at 4pm, I decided to hit the mall, Robinson's Place and buy a few girly essentials.

Sunday, I had a 'date' with Dex. We decided to meet at 1pm at Glorietta. Actually, we arrived at the same time at the Ayala MRT station. Lolz! So, we went together at G4. We hopped first at
Starbucks. *mmm* I missed my usual order of mocha frap. Dex ordered rhumba. We sort of had a 'masinsinan' talk and other stuff. Hehehe! After that, we hit it off at Timezone - shooting basketball, racing Daytona and beating air hockey. We also watched the movie Van Helsing. Quite a suspenseful movie and I admire the beauty of Kate Beckinsale, the star of the movie, Underworld.

Before going home, I bought 2 big Dove chocolates (1 for me and 1 for Mom) as s small present for Mother's Day. A red rose went along with it. We passed by 7-11 convenience store to check if there's an available ice cream. My mom was making "lambing" when I left home that afternoon. Fortunately, there was.

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