Saturday, May 15, 2004

I Will Survive...

Lately, I realized that my social life had almost turned 180 degrees. Usually, my weeknights and weekends are already occupied with schedules from meeting and dining out with friends, whiling time at the bookstores, shopping a little, mountainclimbing or simply taking a trip somewhere off the metro.

I just noticed a few weeks ago how dry and boring life can be; something of which I am not accustomed to. To have a life, I now frequent this home-grown coffee shop from Cebu. The name is
Bo’s Coffee Club located at Glorietta. With my favorite beverage, I would soon find myself deeply engrossed in reading a pocketbook or writing notes for my research work. Since the people at the coffee shop had already named me for being a regular, I decided it is time to hit the cinemas again.

One of those movies that I had watched in solitude was a Tagalog movie directed by the talented
Joel Lamangan. I Will Survive is a movie about the lives of 4 chums weaving a familiar storyline. Normally, I hate Tagalog films with proverbial plots. What made this movie a little different from those was that it was injected with humorous flair and refreshing perspectives.

Sidenote: Eric was a crush of mine from my teeny-weeny years and I realized that I still have this ‘kilig’ for him. Hihihi!

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