Saturday, May 29, 2004

Special Days...

This month, I celebrated 3 special days of my life.

May 26 & 27 were special because these days were the days that marked the commitment that my boyfriend and I have for our relationship. 11 months??! Could you believe that? I couldn't. I never thought that it would last because I knew then that no guy can stand being with me for such a long time. I knew how hard it was for him to handle me when my tantrums get the better of me. Stubborn, demanding, bitchy...uhhh. Despite all that, he weathered it well. For that, I thank God for giving him to me. He is such a treasure. =)

What we did to celebrate was not expectedly planned. We just played at
Timezone and qued up for the long line in Glorietta to watch the first screening of the movie, The Day After Tomorrow. For me, it was such a great, well-done movie. Sure-fire of sending the message across to watchers that we must take care the environment that sustains us.

The second day, I was supposed to join my colleagues in attending a social gathering of foreign trade & embassies' officials in New World Hotel but I changed my mind. I brought home some work and I thought it was best if I just go home. That was the original plan. I ended up visiting my boyfriend since it was his day. We had a DVD watching marathon.

If you are wondering why 2 days, my advise is: just keep on wondering...hehehe!

May 28, my birthday. Actually, there was nothing special about it. I am not the type of person who would be jumping up high just because it is my birthday. Yes, I am thankful that one more year was added into my existence on Earth but apart from that, nothing else.

But then, this is my first birthday with Dex in my life; And 2 days before it was our special days. A few hours ago, we spent Friday night in Greenbelt dining out and chatting about mundane and funny stuff. As usual, playing at Timezone (we 'air-hockeyed", shoot balls, race Daytona, gun down TimeCrisis at Greenbelt's Timezone) gave thrills to this exciting evening.

Despite the exasperating week at work, I was still able to let out a good laugh.

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