Sunday, May 16, 2004

The Usual...

I think I better doze off now since I have plans of jogging again a few hours from now. Anyway, I went jogging Saturday mawning (it is Sunday already) at CCP and had a refreshing run with cute guys and gals.

After that, I went home and did my share of the household chores. By 2 in the afternoon, I took a cool bath and hit the road towards the mall. Sometimes, I wish I can cut off my fingers so I would not be able to pull out my money to finance my shopping splurge. Damn!

I was already tucked home by 930 in the evening and I decided to call my boyfriend and checked out how everything was. Hehehe! They got lost descending from the summit. Gosh! How could that happen, I wondered. Anyway, nothing to worry about since he himself was laughing about it and saying it was cool. *hmm*

Afterwards, I logged online and checked my emails. I got this email from my new friend,
Vicky. Actually, we have been corresponding with each other through this cool yahoogroup. It was nice to know that there is someone who belongs to my age range. We were able to exchange thoughts and ideas together with other people ranging from cold, adorable city itself, to restaurants, food, the elections, etc.

I also logged on to
Friendster and made testimonials to those people who are ought to receive them. I have also discovered this new site called Hipstir. It seems like Friendster is getting competitions nowadays.

I also had a great time surfing and posting at
Pinoyexchange. Most of the time, I was hooked up at the Travel and Lifestyle Section. Why not? I am a travel freak. =)

Last but not the least, I was able to write something about my mom. I will post it after this. It is still a draft and I will have it polished tomorrow.


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