Tuesday, June 8, 2004

One of Those...

Lately, I noticed that I keep on receiving email messages from this guy. At first, I just deleted his messages thinking they were spam mails. I stopped believing it was when I saw my full name written on the message subject. One time, I took a peep. As usual, it contains messages that have something to do with love – love quotes, love tales and stuff like that. I dared replying back, demanding who he is. All I know was that he toils his ass somewhere in KSA. I knew because he used his corporate email and I referred on to the domain name and searched it on the web. I discovered that the company he is working for deals with technology solutions. What type of tech solutions? I never bothered to know.

He has not replied to my query and he keeps on sending me those emails. If he thinks I’m gonna get curious about him, forget it. I am not and not even planning to. If he does not reply, so be it. Who cares, anyway?

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