Saturday, June 5, 2004


Since I am drumming up my plans for a "new future" for myself, I went to UP to acquire a new set of TOR. I have already applied, paid twice but everytime I claim it, the people at the Office of the Registrar would declare that I had no file there as I requested. Sometimes, I just cannot help but utter a silent curse.

Anyway, the university is beaming with lots of students again. Oh, how I missed those days. While I was gazing at everyone, I remembered the same, old feeling - lining up, rushing here and there, chatting along the way, gaining new friends while waiting for your name to be called & even uttering unnecessary words due to frustration. The old times and how I miss them.

But what saddened me was the current state of the university. I may not be in regular contact with my alma mater but I can still sneak out some news from here and there.

CAS is undergoing a 5-month construction activity and all 'tambayans' housing organizations are displaced and hence, relocated to the old NEDA Building. I wonder how can they fit in there. It is such a cramped space and now, the admin is congesting it all. What is so pathetic is that CAS now lacks classrooms for 30 classes and all possible vacant spaces will be used as classrooms! Can you even imagine taking classes in the GAB lobby? How can you even concentrate taking up a complicated subject when other students are passing by, chatting & giggling along the way? How conducive your first semester class will be!

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