Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Random Things In A Day...

1. It is our DED's birthday. I sent him an email with animated photos. As expected he replied. I think he worries about getting older each year. I told him that he must look at it on the brighter side: "we get to learn and experience new things as we grow old."

2. This morning, the local people in the office were in a defensive mood versus our office guard. The thing is he does stuff that he has no control over. He decides on things that need to be consulted first. Sometimes, he irritates me but I try to shrug it off lest my working day will be ruined.

3. I did not actually eat lunch today. It was kinda cold and I felt lazy going down the canteen. Good thing I brought a pack of Blue Skies Spring Onion Crackers and a Del Monte Unsweetened Pineapple Juice in can. I even devoured half of my Ruffles Sour Creamed-Flavor Crisps.

4. As I mentioned earlier, I acted like a bitchy girl with the FX driver on my way to work. I also tried to give my bf a headache early in the ... afternoon (afternoon because he went to the office late) when he called me up.

5. My cousin who works for
ChevronTexaco is currently in Singapore. He is serving as a trainor for 2 weeks, I think. After that, he is bound to Thailand. I knew because we were exchanging emails an hour ago. Oh, I envy him. My Thailand leisure trip has been postponed since December 2002. I have been planning since then. Two months ago, I thought that I should first hit off Singapore since Thailand seemed to be elusive for me. Sometimes I wonder why some people can be so lucky!

6. I was checking my personal email account when I received an email from
Leo. It was actually a surprise for me. I never thought he would remember me at all. Normal pleasantries were exchanged.

7. I keep on noticing that the rain has continuously been pouring. The glass windows of the office tell me so. My workstation is in the center of the office. My left side showing the Makati streets has been a shower area. Clouds are darker and the windowpane is never dry. On my right wing, showing the Manila area reveals a drier weather. In fact, it is almost sunny with the clouds whiter slowly making their moves.

8. Major broadsheets overcrowded my working desk. Due to busy days, I almost neglected monitoring the relevant news for my research work. But I am enjoying doing it now because I can browse the other sections aside from the usual, mind-boggling business news.

This is it for now. Back to work.

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