Friday, July 23, 2004


1. The emotion I tend 2 hide d most:
-- disappointment. But it still shows in my face.

2.When I'm happy, I need:
-- to share it with someone.

3. When I'm sad, I need:
-- to be left alone.
4. When i'm alone, i need:
 -- to go some place to think about things that bothers me.
5. When I'm in love, I need:
-- to be hugged and assured.
6. I would jump up & down and shout w/joy right now if someone told me:
-- can  I keep this a secret? Right now, it's one thing that I'm really waiting for...

7. The last time I cried was:
-- last weekend. I hate to feel that I am bothering someone.

8. Moment in my life when my emotions froze and I felt absolutely nothing:
-- when I came to my senses after my first heartache. I was a cynic about love, remember?
9. People who genuinely make me happy:
-- family, close friends and Dex
10. Something that makes me happy:
-- chocolate, french fries, vacation in Baguio.
11. Someone or something that made me laugh this week:
-- my brother's shallowness. He texted me a few minutes ago to watch news on tv about a building that collapsed somewhere in his vicinity. He said he might be caught on tv daw! Usisero ng brother ko no! =)
12. Ur Good Luck Charm:
-- beads necklaces that I wear everyday.

13. Person You Hate Most:
-- Some dimwits that I know who act like they know everything. Pisses me off.

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