Friday, July 23, 2004

Lighter Side

Let me indulge myself. After an exhausting workweek, let me do something less analytical for a change.

3 movies you like the most:
Pretty Woman
The Day After Tomorrow
Chinese movies (hehehe)

3 things you do when taking exam:
I pray
I analyze
I countercheck

3 foods you ate in the last 12hrs:
chocolate bar for breakfast
pork cutlet with corn soup + siomai

3 songs you heard in the last 24hrs:
Follow Me
Magpaikailan Pa Man
Runaway Train

3 mags/books/newspaper you read recently:
Philippine Daily Inquirer
IMF readings

3 dream guys you wanna meet:
ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad
Pablo Neruda
Richard Gere

3 malls you frequently visit/shop:
Robinson's Place

3 fastfood/resto you like:
Masas in GBelt
Mangan in Glorietta
McDo or KFC

3 things you will do this week:
take a leave
attend a discussion meeting on Saturday
general cleaning of my room

3 (it's a must) for a date:
rapport with my date
my favorable mood
credit card/money

3 goals in life:
to have a career wherein I will be happy and contented
to study again (get a master's degree)
to travel everywhere
I know it's supposed to be 3 but in case,
-- to get married if God wills it =)

3 things you do when you're alone:
I read books
I write about life and what's around me
I think about where my life is headed to

3 most romantic lines for you:
I'll always be here for you
from the depths of my heart, I love you
I'll be your man =)

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