Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Pay What You Want...

I have been keeping tabs with this Carlos Celdran since last week. I am interested in the tours he is conducting around the metropolis. As I was skimming through his itinerary for possible damages, I became acquainted with this pay-as-you-want mode of payment. I asked him what it meant and in his own words: "It's exactly what it means. You can pay me five pesos or five hundred depending on how happy you are about the tour." So there! If I am not so satisfied with his efforts, I can pay him what he is worth and vice versa. Isn't that cool?

I asked him why the almost free-lunch? He wordy replied to me that it would be worth his efforts since he is still experimenting the route and sites to be visited. He'll be touring places with guests (some areas only for the first time) and he'll need feedback from people about the difficulties of the journey and what's interesting and what's not. Once the tour is fine-tuned and he is already secure about its points of interest and schedule, he'll include it as part of his regular tour listing. Then that's the time he will be charging 350 pesos.

I think the guy is really superb as a tour guide. I have read about the experiences of socialite
Bea Zobel, Jr. when she joined Celdran in one of his walking tours in the famous Walled City of Manila.

As promised, I told him I might probably be one of his willing participants in the future.

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