Saturday, July 24, 2004

Please Stop

It seems like that losing presidential wannabee, FPJ cannot really find in his heart to accept that the presidency is not for him. Over radio yesterday, I heard him asking the Highest Court of the Land for a recount of election votes nationwide. He accused the winning pres, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of massive fraud.

My goodness! Can you not just leave politics behind? It was never your realm and will never be, unless you run as a barangay tanod in the next election for real! You're too ambitious, man! Just let it be. Let Arroyo do her stuff as she promised the nation. Adding your problem to her concerns does not do this country any good. She has a lot to prove to us, after all those wordy promises. This nation does not need words to be blown away by the wind but we require acts that are worthy of the votes cast on her.

So, you back off! Let this country rise again from the ruins. I am still hoping that we will stand glorious again and hopefully, you have alreay taken a course on how to run a country, a government, an economy, a nation.

Hehehe! The last line does not seem to add up. Go figure. =)

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