Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Inhumane Act

As I was checking my email today, I came across LA's forwarded email with photos of the tragic Russian school hostage siege done by the Chechnya terrorists. The feeling of shock still envelops me. It is the same feeling I experienced when the dreaded 9/11 happened. It was 3 years ago and now...

Why do these terrorists commit such brutal acts against humanity? I still wonder up to now. Is it just because they want to claim great attention? Is it because the mastermind has a distorted perception about something that in turn affects his psychological mindset and that his followers are brainwashed with that idea? How can they even think of claiming people's lives, even laying a finger against those innocent kids?

Those kids were just enjoying their first day of school and you, yes you, all of you heartless human beings (should you be even considered as human at all?) ruined that. Not only their days but their lives as well. You have no right to take those lives because you have no right at all.

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