Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Just Like What Happened To Me

Contributed by Sally I. Kennedy

The Lord made you; He formed you in the womb and he will help you. (Isaiah 4)

By late morning I had finally gotten myself outside. Armed with a pair of
rusty clippers, I was ready to tackle the overgrown bushes in the back
yard. I was getting into it and having fun chopping and trimming. All of a
sudden I realized I was hot as a firecracker and about to have a heat
stroke. I threw all the branches in a pile and jumped in the water to cool off.

That was when I noticed the bracelet my husband had given me was no longer
on my wrist. I was angry with myself for wearing it to do yard work.

Carefully I moved the cuttings, one by one, watching for the bracelet to
fall. All the while, I was looking at where I'd been working. It would be
nearly impossible to spot it in the high grass or the flower bed rocks.

I said to God, "Lord, you know everything. So you know where EVERYTHING is.
Therefore, you know where my bracelet is. It is not the biggest thing in
the world, but it is sentimental to me. I should have taken it off, but I
didn't. Now, I'm asking you to show me where it is, and - to please let it
be in plain view."

I finished moving the whole trash pile, sighed, and looked up. There, on
the decking, was the lost bracelet. It was perfectly curled on a narrow
piece of wood between two cracks.

I thought, God is SO nice! He not only loves me, but He likes me! He shows
me in the most real ways. Maybe He dispatched an angel to lay it there for
me to find.

In the big picture, it's a pretty minor thing to lose a bracelet. It's
major, though, when God so clearly reveals His caring in the ordinary
things and our everyday lives. And if God takes care of minor things like
this, how much more then will He take care of us, and the important, major
issues in our lives?


I just received this message this morning and I was thinking what a coincidence this was for me. When I got home last night, I was wondering where my ring was. It was given to me by my mom on my birthday together with a set of earrings. I checked my jewelry box and I got worried because it wasn't there. I looked everywhere in my bed, drawer and even the sofa where I usually lie down at night when I arrive home exhausted from the trip. Still, I could not find it. I said a small prayer requesting God to show it to me. The ring is very important to me, very sentimental. I looked again and checked the newly-ironed clothes lying on top of my cabinet. I could not recall placing it there. But God made me look in that area to make sure I could see it. Sometimes, we think it just as simple as that but God really knows how to work things out as easy as that. :)

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