Friday, October 8, 2004

Books And Payday

Aside from treating myself to splurging for clothes as a reward for toiling my ass too hard, I also credit myself to wanton shopping for books. I may forego an already 2 months' promise of a spa treatment or cancel a planned dinner schdule with a long, lost friend but I will never let opportunity pass me by when it comes to a much-coveted book.

Who wouldn't? They take me to places unknown to me; they remind me of experiences I would love to sense again. They broaden my perspective and debate with my mind. They render me sleepless at night when everybody else snores the darkness away. They make me smile, remove my boredom, ease my anger and most of all, drive me to addiction.

But this month, I have to try to stay away from my all-time favorite sanctuary in the world - the bookstores. I have to face my financial priorities first -- my 2 months' delayed payment of my credit card bills, my 4 months' long overdue mobile phone charges, my brother's engineering board examination fee, household expenses like the landline phone bills and the electricity bills and even the monthly groceries.

Tough and rough times for me.

Good thing I got a book,
Life of Pi from Dex. =)

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