Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Email Connect

I used to be a chat-aholic. YM seemed to be indispensable for me since my university days. I got acquainted with the virtual electronic world through chatting. If you only what it was and how I had been then, you would find the tale incredible.

But then chatting through any IM mode hold no excitement for me anymore. In the office where it was forbidden and which was uninstalled by our MIS, I did not even complain or blab about it. Neither did I install it the moment our MIS wackos were gone; unlike my officemates who will run the YM program into their respective desktops the second our MIS peepz stepped out.

Read me: I got bored.

Anyway, thanks to the advantages that emailing has to offer. Sending my messages through email has created a relaxed atmosphere for me. I can chat the day and night away through email. Unlike in IM where one uses any messenger program, I don't have to feel bad about sending and replying messages to my co-chataholics. Using YM has many downsides compared to emailing. Well for one, I don't have to watch my back if my boss is pacing like a caged animal and that it endangers me when he sees the small, squared yellow-orange colored window appears everytime I have to reply to a prior message. Second, I won't feel obligated to reply ASAP when the person in the other part of the virtual world expects me to return his/her message a few seconds after he has hit the Enter key. Third, I won't feel so guilty leaving my chatmate without even saying a mere goodbye when 'emergency' meeting calls.

Those are the reasons why I love email. For the past 3 weeks, I have been constantly changing email correspondences with my Brazilian co-trainee
Sandra Kaneko, senti & hopeless romantic pal from UP Oblation Corps - Milky, a close friend from PEx's basketball Gray Team - Gerald, former colleague Rachelle and to one of our company's 'contracted' lawyer - Atty F.

We never actually have the chance to see each other anymore because except for Ge and Atty F, the rest are based overseas. Email keeps us in touch with each other's lives and frankly, an email from them makes me excited. We all talked about anything - from mundane to convoluted, from disheartening to outrageously hilarious.

Email works for me better than IMs. Which one yours?

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