Monday, May 16, 2005

Some Q&A

I was browsing at the Friendster and I got tempted to answer the questions that Enel, a co-Peyups Pahinungod volunteer had posted.

color of most clothes you owned
-----> light purple, purple and baby blue

number of pillows you use when your sleeping
-----> 2 - one for my head and the other, something to hug when Dexine goes astray

what were you doing 12AM last night?
-----> 12 midnight, you mean? I was reading Ludlum

how old will you be in 10 yrs?
-----> 36, ouch!

what do you think you'll be doing in 10 years?
-----> probably have achieved some of my 'time-consuming' dreams

are you paranoid?
-----> I admit that sometimes, I am


your wallet..
-----> it is black, rectangular and which I bought in Kyoto during my business trip. It is stuffed with money bills, IDs, some credit cards, photos, receipts, my business cards, my Fortune Medical card

your alarm clock?
-----> it is purple, round and it needs a new set of batteries.

your hair?
-----> short, wavy and most of the time, unmanageable!

tooth brush?
-----> colored purple with white handle and this question reminds me that it is time to change to a new one

what color are your eyes?
-----> black

-----> I already have a piercing in the ear but I don't mind having another one

first love?
-----> a schoolgirl's crush which was frustrating and in reality, turned out to be a dog-cat relationship

first enemy?
-----> my first love

first big trip?
-----> Kyoto

first played instrument?
-----> drums. I am a frustrated drummer

last good cry?
-----> I could not remember when

last movie seen?
-----> Hide and Seek by Dakota Fanning. This is one movie I did not guess right and Dex beat me to it =)

last person you yelled at?
-----> not a person but Sakura, my dog. She was trying to snuggle herself to my legs when I left the house tonight

last beverage drank?
-----> this refreshing iced tea from Teriyaki Boy. I like its taste, a little sour

last crush?
-----> if I reveal his initials, I'm dead! But if somebody dared me to tell it to his face that I like him, I am ready to do so.

last shoes worn?
-----> this beige, low-heeled shoes which is really comfortable of my feet. I wore it when I went out to have dinner tonight with some close friends of mine

last annoyance?
-----> an officemate's boyfriend. He really does not understand the meaning of NO!

last words spoken?
-----> Nite! Lav yah! Hehehe

last ice cream eaten?
-----> coffee crumble by Selecta. I devoured that cooler while watching DVD

last thing written by hand?
-----> a schedule in my planner. I have to because I tend to forget my commitments due to my exhausting work

last time wanting to die?
-----> a depressing word war with my mom. It hurt me a lot for being misunderstood

last time in-love?
-----> I am still in-love...with a better man!

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