Thursday, May 5, 2005

This and That (3)

China recently released 7 Catholic priests who were arrested near Beijing while having a retreat. Hmm. I deduce that China is still against practicing Catholicism in its territory. I thought that this era has long been eradicated and China has already opened to the world. The papers did not say much but from my understanding, it seems like China strongly adheres to the policy of the Separation of the Church and the State. I concluded that thought based on the reason why those priests were released. China freed the priests; days after the Chinese government claimed its willingness to foster good relations with the Vatican under the new pope only if the Catholic Church will not meddle in its internal affairs and the conflicted ties with Taiwan. Well, these are my assumptions. Correct me if I am wrong.


Today is the scheduled preliminary investigation by the DoJ on the tax evasion case of actor
Richard Gomez. Tell you what, I have no sympathies for the man. I saw him 2 weekends ago in a TV show and the man was simply oozing with sheer arrogance in relation to his case.

There were also rumors had it that the case of shoplifting against his wife Lucy may be true after all. No accusations here, just re-telling humors. Hehehe. I am so bad.

But I hope that BIR will also pursue tax evaders from the higher echelons of our society in their campaign to increase revenue collections. It should and must start from Malacanan down to the businessmen. Sometimes, fairness must rule the game.


This one is so sweet. The title: "Jilted groom says he still wants to marry his runaway bride." Obviously, the bride-to-be got cold feet before her wedding.

"Just because we haven't walked down the aisle, just because we haven't stood in front of 500 people and said our I Do's, my commitment before God to her was the day I bought that ring and put it on her finger, and I'm not backing down from that," according to John Mason who was interviewed by Fox News. That's what you call true love, the kind of love that overwhelms even a stranger's heart.


My history classes during my university days and even during my high school years were never boring. My professors may be but our rich history never fails to enthrall me. And it was during those classes that I got acquainted with
Luis Taruc, former leader of the HUKBALAHAP during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines in 1942. He died earlier this week at 92.

Despite being considered as a communist, Taruc was more of a socialist.

Thinking about it, our history books rarely exemplify the goodness of some people who had become part of the richness of our history. Most often, these books relate about the nobleness and bravery of the likes of Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, Aguinaldo, etc. Maybe, this is the right time that our textbooks speak about the tales of
Dagohoy, Magat Salamat, ethnic tribes that fought to maintain their freedom from conquest, unknown and unsung heroes during the Spanish, American and Japanese occupation and even the people who gave their time and effort in the latter days. It is time to enrich the minds of the youth about the olden and beholden days.


In its effort to preserve its local treasures, the
Bohol Tourism Office developed 2 of the 1,268 mounds of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. It has been provided with facilities like cottages, eateries and viewing decks meant for the convenience and pleasure of visitors.

I had been to Bohol once, which was a long time ago. Surely, I am raring to go and visit this paradise again. It is really overwhelming to think that here in the Philippines, paradise exists. Capping this in a song:

"Halika, biyahe tayo
Nang ating makita
Ang ganda ng Pilipinas
Ang galing ng Pilipino."


Oh my goodness! Everything is getting expensive and costly - VAT rate increase making prices of commodities shoot up, oil price hike that in turn will increase transportation fare, etc. Pending review is the clamor of concerned citizens of a salary/wage hike. Employers said they are willing to increase wages only by about 25-30 pesos. Holy gulay naman! A regular burger McDo meal-fanatic like me could not even pay the cheapest meal with a mere 30 pesos!


I am really enjoying reading the 2 series of articles about the adventures of these girls who are friends of
Alex the Buntis and the other - Lucy, the "Chick".

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