Friday, June 17, 2005

100 Things About Me

  1. You can call me: Ivan, Ivy, Fran, Frances, Franny, Yves, Ibiang. You can call me Bitch so long as you let me know that you will.

  2. I am uber-ly & forever addicted to chocolates. Basically, I prefer dark chocolates but milk choco bars will do just fine. I do not want nuts or almonds in my chocolates. When I am depressed, gloomy or mad, I make a dash to the convenience store or supermarket to buy a couple of bars and that saves my day.

  3. I like my eyes because of the natural curled lashes. Besides that, I am almost blind. I have a grade of 700-750 for both eyes.

  4. I wear contact lenses and as of the other day, I got a new set. Thank God!

  5. I am a bitch and a wicked witch. Hehehe. That is my other persona.

  6. I sleep with 2 pillows and a stuff toy.

  7. I love the hues of purple. I am addicted to this color.

  8. Since college and up to now, I still intend to get another piercing in my ears.

  9. I want to try wearing those slightly bigger, rounded, silver earrings. Do you think it will look good in me? :) I am planning to drop by at Ibay's in Baguio to buy them.

  10. Last two or three years ago, I was desperate to gain a few muscles here and there. I wanted to gain weight since I was only see-sawing around 44-45 kilos. Now, I am having a hard time cutting off my food intake. I am now growing and getting heavier at 50-51 kilos. I am petite and it does not look good on me.

  11. I use mousse and a leave-on conditioner to manage my hair after washing.

  12. I got a boyish-cut hair. I do like it since it is easier to manage. But I really want to have my long hair back. It does not matter if it is curly-wavy.

  13. I prefer flavored lipsticks. I love raspberries.

  14. I feel yucky when my fingernails are not cut short. But I really want to have 'semi-long' manicured nails.

  15. When I was in my teens, I got loads of shameful zits. Now, I can manage to have zit-free face if I want to; that is, if I avoid oily foods.

  16. I love to jog at BayWalk. Though, lately I fail to do so because of TGIF hangover; not from excessive drinking but because I am way too tired to rise up early in the morning.

  17. I am actually an outdoor person.

  18. Sports that I engage into are: bowling, billiards, tennis, badminton, basketball (not much, though), squash.

  19. I do not know how to swim, much more to float. I love the water but the thought of drowning helplessly scares the hell out of me.

  20. I hate beer. I do not drink everytime I go out. But when I am with friends in a bar, I prefer to drink concoctions.

  21. I am scared of losing myself in a drink. I do not want to let go of my inhibitions in front of other people. The thought drives me crazy.

  22. I do not know how to ride a bike nor drive a car. The closest thing I can do is to ride & drive a sidecar in Burnham Park in Baguio and car-racing via Daytona at Timezone.

  23. I talk a lot but I am never good at impromptu speech. In fact, I get goosebumps, my knees turn jelly-o and a possible nervous breakdown if subjected to such stress.

  24. I do not actually like carbonated drinks since they cut my supply of air for proper breathing. They hinder me from engaging in any form of activity. I prefer coffee, iced tea, lemonade or choco/mango milk shakes.

  25. I am a coffee-addict. I long for 'kapeng barako' of Batangas. I love Starbuck's mocha frapuccino, Bo's Coffee Club's iced cafe mocha & New York Cafe's oreo frappucino.

  26. I am very fond of playing at Timezone. I love shooting basketball, car-racing via Daytona/Ferrari, air hockey, Time Crisis.

  27. My practicum in Batangas instilled in me the desire to see & feel nature.

  28. I love nature. That what got me into mountainclimbing in the first place.

  29. I climb mountains during the weekend to release physical stress of city life.

  30. I love to travel a lot.

  31. Baguio City is my primary escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

  32. I love to travel. I prefer to travel alone, explore new places. But if I am with a group, it has to be a small one or else, I will go ballistic.

  33. When I was younger, I thought I was a loner. Then, I discovered that I prefer places with many people like bars, beaches and malls. So I said I am not an introvert. But I learned that I am not comfortable with a big group where everybody knows everyone. It has to be a small group of people I know or a sea of unfamiliar faces. I do not know why but the effect is that I am most of the time irritable or throwing unforgivable tantrums.

  34. My faith is currently at its lowest low but I surely want to feel God's warmth again.

  35. I rarely get sick but when I do, I am really sick. That means, staying in bed for 1-2 weeks tops.

  36. I am actually snobbish but I can also be wacky if I feel like it. Basically, I am very outspoken. I am that bad.

  37. I laugh like a horse.

  38. I was born in the Year of the Horse.

  39. Maybe that is why I have a great adoration for horses.

  40. I love horse-back riding 'though I have not ridden for a long time.

  41. I have a habit of kicking when someone jokes with me.

  42. Snooty guys annoy me, a lot.

  43. The traits that endears a guy to me: He has to be smart, thoughtful, has a sense of humor, knows his way in this life.

  44. I do not like waiting for a long time.

  45. I want things said into my face rather than hearing it from somebody else.

  46. When I am really, really mad, I just keep silent and never utter a word.

  47. If I am mad, just leave me alone and I will figure out how to reach you.

  48. If I am fuming and I badger you with words, I am not actually mad; just a little pissed off and a small hug, a bar of chocolate or a joke will appease me.

  49. If I am fuming and I badger you with questions, you better answer them the way I ask because I am really after details; it will only infuriate me if you try to sidetrack me with wrong answers or sweet words.

  50. I feel really good if I am hugged.

  51. Big, tight hugs comfort me.

  52. I am fond of multi-tasking. I can do 3 of any at the same time: cook, read a book, do the laundry, watch a movie via dvd, sweep the floor, mop the house, throw garbage, water the plants, write a letter, compose a poem, talk over the phone, play Snood or Text Twist or blog. I love doing all of these if and only if I am alone in the house.

  53. I am at my better self (not best, though) if I procrastinate.

  54. I love work pressure. I feel better when I put in a lot of hard work.

  55. I prefer working alone. But I can manage to work in a group where everyone really works.

  56. I want a change in my work environment. A new job, perhaps?

  57. I love to do things my way.

  58. I want to go back to school and acquire a higher degree. I will be applying next year, either Environmental Science or Public Governance.

  59. I am not much of a neat, organized person but I make sure I tidy up my stuff and the house a little too often than sometimes. Hehehe, if you get what I mean.

  60. I hate it when the people I am living with are untidy and very disorganized. I tend to sneak in and throw their trash for them (that mean, you better clean up or else, you will find your treasure my trash).

  61. I take 1-2 days of vacation leave when I feel like I have to clean the house. This gives me the freedom and solitude to do my own style of cleaning. That means, nobody to tell me that this one should not be thrown or that one is not a garbage. Oh, stuff like that.

  62. I am addicted to our local dish, sinigang. I want it very sour. I prefer to have it cooked in real tamarind.

  63. Another dish that I really like is the beef steak. I also like liver steaks.

  64. I know how to cook these two dishes.

  65. I am corned beef-fanatic. I really like this canned food.

  66. Aside from choco milk shakes, I like ripe mango shakes.

  67. My most favorite fruit is the avocado. Next is the very green, sour mango. Here, it is called the 'manggang kalabaw.'

  68. I love to read a lot. Except for science fiction, I almost read everything.

  69. My favorite authors are John Grisham, Dan Brown, Dean Koontz, Perry Mason, Sidney Sheldon, Frederick Forsyth, Clive Cussler, Margaret Truman, F. Sionil Jose, Nick Joaquin.

  70. I am currently addicted to chick lit books. :)

  71. If other people collect stamps & coins, I collect books.

  72. Dex is the one who bought my collection of Dan Brown's books.

  73. I really wanted to be a writer but I do not think I am a good one. So I just write and write. I prefer the essay types.

  74. I am still hoping that I can publish a book of my own someday.

  75. I used to compose poems when I was younger. I still do now but they are only for my own enchantment. Emily Dickinson and Pablo Neruda are my favorites.

  76. Bags are my vanities. I buy & collect, collect, collect.

  77. I love accessories that complement my get-up. In fact, I have a collection of mixed pearl, beaded, ethnic, casual - necklaces, anklets, bands, etc.

  78. I cannot leave the house without my earrings on. In case I found the other pair's 'pakao' missing, I feel very uncomfortable and I won't miss the time to buy a new one on the same day.

  79. I really have a hard time getting real close to people. I just cannot fully trust anyone about everything in my life.

  80. I am hot-tempered, sarcastic, impatient and can really be mean sometimes.

  81. But I have compassion for the poor, for injustice and for those who deserves it.

  82. When I really want something, I defy orders and too stubborn to accept anything beyond everything.

  83. I am ambitious and have high hopes for myself. In short, I am driven to succeed.

  84. I easily get bored. I want variety in my life.

  85. I am not much to singing but I like to listen to a number of favorites. In a videoke, I do not like to hold the microphone when everybody sings. I hate singing solo.

  86. I am not actually a movie junkie but Dex bad-influenced me. :)

  87. When I feel like it, I shop like shopping will cease to exist.

  88. I love french fries, spaghetti, McDo's regular burger meal, garlic bread, Pringles and anything potato.

  89. If somebody accuses me of doing something that I never did in the first place, I fight back. I don't care how nasty it becomes so long as I know I am not guilty.

  90. But if I am, I shut up. If it is not serious, I charmed my way out; if not, I really squeeze my mouth shut.

  91. If I feel hurt, I tend to withdraw away from people's attention.

  92. I hurt myself when I do not want to cry in public or when I hurt the feelings of people I love the most.

  93. If ever I have a family of my own, I want to have 6 kids (3 boys & 3 girls). But that's ideally. Three or four will do so long I have a boy as my eldest child. :)

  94. I prefer a small, comfortable, quaint house. My future kids will take care of the lively ambiance. But if they are not yet present, the husband will. :)

  95. The countries that hold greater attraction for me are France and Thailand.

  96. I had been to Japan once. I love Kyoto and its rich culture. I almost visited Thailand in 2002 and Malaysia this year

  97. Once I have my own digital camera, nothing can stop me from shooting and travelling. You bet your peso on that.

  98. I wonder how Dex has put up with me and my attitude for almost 2 years. Is he a persevering angel or a plain martyr? Oh, do tell me please. :)

  99. I really want to live my life to the fullest.

  100. I want an Oreo now!


  1. There are no comments...arghhh!!!! not fair...!!I just read your "100 things about me" some of them made me smile a lot :) Your real funny too UMM....Addicted to chocolate and french fries. LOL :)Right havent read everything on your blog yet so me off to check out some more.....Wishing you happiness and pretty things...CHEERS :)

  2. anonymous, owhohoho. I wasn't aware that somebody really read this post, let alone my blog. But it was really nice of you to drop by and comment.

    Thank you very much and I wish you the same. :)

  3. i'm inspired!i think i'll do my own list...;)

  4. jen,

    try it. promise, it took me time to finish that.

    actually, i'm planning to revise this when i find the time. you know, some things have to change. hehehe.

  5. te felicito Ivan

    eres una mujer preciosa llena de inquietudes y ganas de conocer y vivir, si todos fueran como tú no existirían los suicidas.

    lindas tus fotos y al verlas se nota que tu país es muy hermoso
    enjoy you life, congratulations from Chile, South America.

  6. After you commented on my Photo Hunters post, I decided to read more about you.

    I know you are very young and you probably wonder "why is this old lady writing me". I found so many things on your list that we have in common: 2. I love chocalat,dark, you're lucky that you have no weight problem and can eat it when you want.6. I sleep with two pillows. 17. I am not an outdoor person.19. I don't know how to swim, although I've learned to float using flotation devices. 20. I don't much like beer, dark sometimes, wine or strawberry dacquiris are favs. 24. Didn't know about the breathing issues with carbonated drinks but recently gave them up because of the aspertame. 25. Love iced Mocha Frapps. 28 Love nature. 30. love travel 50. love hugs 68. read alot, all genres 73. wanted to be a writer, am a writer, unpublished. 75. write poems 87 love to shop 88. I like all those foods, especially Pringles.
    Mama Bear

  7. [mama bear] - we are in the blogging world and I'm not that biased what and who people write. in fact, I find it interesting and fun to connect and learn more about people.. :)

    I know you are enjoying the blogging world as much as I do.. =)

  8. I've been dying to do my own "100 things about me" but just can't find time,and I know I got to do it sooner!!!!

  9. soooo cool Ivan... don't think I can even come up with 50 things to say about myself... much more 100.... hehehehehe

  10. So we have a lot in common beginning with a love for purple and Mocha Fappuccinos from Starbucks!

    I also go silent when I'm really mad because I'm bad about bottling up my feelings I guess. Ditto on having a hard time getting close to others.

    Finally - the last one made me crave an Oreo. Double Stuffed!

  11. nice idea for about ha? :p

    have a great day!

  12. No problem, Heidi! :) Have fun. :)

  13. Hi! It's amazing that we have something a lot in common. I prefer carbonated drinks, I would love to go to France, I like liver steak, I am guilty of procrastination, I loved to be hugged, I am impatient, and I also love to read. Oh well, I think I"ll have to make my own list. This is a neat idea!


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!