Thursday, June 30, 2005

This and That (5)

It seems like everybody is leaving the country to search for greener pastures somewhere. To Suzette and Richard, take care and hopefully see you soon! And to Chummy, good luck in Utah.


I saw this in an online classified ads:

Harry Potter Books 1-4
Brand-New, Soft-Bound

Are they hardbound?

*me thinks* with an evil grin. I just do not want to spit out the word.


I recently took this survey being conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The Institute was undertaking an academic study regarding the role of weblogs in the lives of their authors. My blog was "randomly selected as part of a small group among millions to represent the entire community of weblog authors."

I am actually interested to learn about the results of this web survey.


My love for books never wanes so I recently got 4 new books to read.

  1. The Book of Golden Wisdom

  2. The Templar Revelation

  3. The Breakup Diaries

  4. Lonely Planet Philippines, 8th Edition

For now, I am planning to collect chick lit from Summit Books. I am planning to get the next 2.


I just discovered that the spaghetti from Goldilocks was so yummy. Our deputy ED who celebrated his birthday last week had a lunch treat for us. We decided to have a variety this time like pizza from Yellow Cab, chicken from Kenny Roger's and hmm...I forgot already but I really love the stapeji so I took more than a share of my usual plate. Hehehe. =)


  1. ivy,

    sarap po nun tlga ternohan mu pa ng puto nila..

  2. bajoy, yup masarap din puto nila. Favorite ko din yung may egg at cheese..:)


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