Thursday, August 11, 2005

Blog Extension @ Multiply

Dear Me,

I used to have a
Multiply account while it was having its initial launch in Asia. After some time, I decided to delete that account for security reasons. *secret* Well, it was only recently that I made a new account for the purpose of having an online list of the books I was planning to dispose. So I thought that that was it.

I just discovered the nice features that Multiply offers. It is user-friendly and sort of organized in a sense. You can have everything in one site.

In fact, I decided to utilize the category-like features. I am actually enjoying what I am doing there. Hehehe.

This is my secondary journal ---->

This is my online photo gallery aside from Imagestation ----> The photos that will be posted here are from the previous years till 2004. Imagestation will carry my captured escapades from 2005 onwards.

This is my online book list ----> I need space in my small room so I have to dispose some of the books I have collected over the years.

This is my kitchen ---->">. I am building this site for my own. This will be my online cookbook of various easy-to-cook recipes which given the time, I will slave myself in the kitchen. That will be such a treat!

*the word insatiable comes to mind*


  1. hi there. thanks for the visit!

  2. hi! i add you sa multiply Winks!

  3. tin, cie, lukin4gf,
    thanks guys. Hehehe :)


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