Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Choco Shop

Dear Me,

If we have coffee shop, do we also have a choco shop? I really have great cravings for the local choco which is called cacao. The hunt is over. I discovered this quaint choco shop called

Hehehe. Here are my photos taken while I salivate over my tsoko batirol; while I devour my yummy favorite corned beef pandesal.

and the part where I really looked satisfied because my tummy's full. =)


  1. syempre di mo sinabi kung saan yan.. pero meron akong hula... hmmm... sa may SM Makati ba yan?

  2. jon, hehehe. Oo nga no. SM Makati yun.=)
    Naglalakad lang ako sa kawalan tapos
    napadnap ako sa sulok na yun.

  3. I always pass by this choco chop when going to the MRT but I never really took the time to check out their offerings. I'm now motivated to actually go in and take a peek into their products. Thanks for posting about this.

  4. hullo, gimikera. =) Check out Tsoko.Nut.
    On my way to Dusit Hotel this morning,
    I saw Tsoko.Nut's delivery van. Hehehe.
    Nagutom tuloy ako..=)

  5. Maybe you can check also the original chocolate de batirol @ camp john hay...but i happen to pass by the newly opened shops @ serendra where krispy kremes is located and saw John Hay's Chocolate de Batirol opening also at serendra. Well..its still under construction when I last went there but atleast, the original is finally here in Manila =)

  6. ooopppsss....sorry i forgot to say where is serendra...its at The Fort Global City, right accross Market! Market! =)

  7. [anonymous] - hi, thanks! I will check that place out. good thing i have more time to check things/places out. this will be fun.. =)


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