Monday, September 12, 2005

Random Things That Make Me Smile

Dear Me,

Staying at the Dusit Hotel for quite a week got me bored to the roots of my hair. I even brought some of my tasks in the office but they were not satisfying enough to relieve me of the dullness around me.

So, I came up with this. I thought of writing one to lighten up my mood. =) I came up with 20 items.

  1. glorious sunrise & sunset
  2. the familiar & relaxing sight of Baywalk early in the morning
  3. a new book
  4. accomplishing an article of any topic I like
  5. sight of fresh green grass wet with dew
  6. a baby's innocent smile
  7. finishing a project indicating success
  8. papi's kiss in the forehead
  9. a Starbucks' mocha or caramel frappe treat
  10. DVD/VCD copies of CSI Miami, 24, NCIS, Without A Trace, Numbers, Alias, Joey
  11. watching sappy movies with papi
  12. the sight of a young person helping an elderly cross a busy street
  13. barbecue-flavored french sticks from Potato Corner
  14. sharing a hearty laugh with my siblings
  15. seeing papi's chinky-eyed smile
  16. New York cafe's oreo-cream frappe
  17. the thought that it's Friday & that tomorrow I can sleep late
  18. a bar of my favorite chocolate
  19. seeing my mom's & dad's smile of contentment
  20. papi's tight hug


It is always refreshing to know what is in your mind. Thanks!